Applications Has Commenced For Fully Funded Undergraduate, Masters And PhD Scholarships In Harvard University 2018

Masters And PhD Scholarships In Harvard University

Masters And PhD Scholarships In Harvard University

Harvard University is delighted to invite applications for a Fully Funded undergraduateMasters and PhD Scholarships in Harvard University for international students to support their Tuition fees in Harvard. Interested applicants should see full details below.

Harvard University tuition is very high for both domestic and international students. However, domestic and international students are eligible to receive Harvard University scholarships to cover most of that cost. Undergraduate students can receive need-based scholarships, and graduate students can receive fellowships to cover that cost. 

Scholarship Type:

undergraduateMasters and PhD

Eligible Field of Study:

For the purpose of clarity, the process, benefits, requirements and deadline has been arranged according to the levels and types of offers.

Host Countries:

The scholarship is hosted by Harvard University in Massachusetts, USA.

How To Apply For Fully Funded Undergraduate, Masters And PhD Scholarships In Harvard University

Harvard University Scholarships (Undergraduate) 

Harvard University is dedicated to remove the financial barrier between Harvard education and promising international students. Because of this dedication, undergraduate international students can receive Harvard University scholarships to cover the cost of attendance. Also, undergraduate students and domestic students are treated the same with regards to receiving scholarships. 

Scholarship Benefit for Undergraduates:

Students with family income less than $65,000 a year- They will receive fully funded scholarship consisting of tuition, fees, room, and board. They are not expected to contribute to the cost of attendance. 

Students with family income between $65,000- $150,000 a year- They will be asked to pay approximately 0%- 10% of their total income per year depending on family circumstances. That will be $0- $15,000 a year based on your total family income and your financial circumstances. 

Students with family income that is more than $150,000 a year- They will be asked to pay proportionally more than 10%. The exact amount is different for each student based on their circumstances. 

You can find the information about the specifics at Harvard University Scholarships Page. 

Application Procedure 

Applying to Harvard University Scholarships is an arduous task. In this section, I will explain how to submit the application to Harvard. 

  1. Students need to first prepare the Common Application which can be used for most American Universities. You can find more information about common application in this article. 
  2. Students need to prepare the required documents and submit those documents with the Common Application. 
  3. There are many required documents to apply to Harvard University Scholarships. It takes months to prepare all the necessary documents, so prepare ahead. 

Required Documents

  1. Application and Supplements
  2. $75 application fee or fee waiver
  3. ACT with writing or SAT with Writing
  4. Two SAT Subject Test normally (maybe waivered if you are in a financial hardship)
  5. Secondary School Report
  6. Mid-Year school report
  7. Two teacher evaluations

 For more information about these required documents, visit Harvard Application Process Page. 

Application Deadlines for Undergraduates.

Undergraduate students can start submitting the application in the summer. The deadline for early action is November 1, and the deadline for regular decision is January 1. 

Harvard University Scholarships (Masters) 

Harvard University Master’s students can get funding through various Harvard fellowships and work positions that Harvard University offers to both domestic and international students. The aid, however, is limited compared to undergraduate and PhD students. Here are some fellowships and work positions that you are eligible as an international student. 

Application Procedure 

Prospective international students should go to “Other Sources for Funding” at Harvard University Scholarships Page to see the application procedure for these different types of scholarships.  

Harvard University Scholarships (PhD) 

Every student that are in a PhD program receive fully funded scholarships. This excellent Harvard University scholarships consist of tuition, fees, living expenses, and health insurance which are covered by tuition grants, stipends, teaching fellowships, research assistantships, and other appointments.Students might receive more than the following amount due to external fellowships that other organizations offer to students. However, this is an average amount of Harvard University scholarships that you will receive as a PhD student. If you have any questions about the scholarship amount, visit “Funding for PhD Students” at Harvard University Funding for International Students. 

Application Procedure 

All admitted PhD students are eligible to receive scholarships. Therefore, there is no separate application procedure for PhD students except applying for admissions. Students can find more information about application for admissions at the previous “How to Apply for Harvard University Admissions (Master’s, PhD)” section. 

Scholarship Benefit for Masters and PhD:

A standard package consists of the following: 

  1. Full tuition grant for five years 
  2. Living stipend during years 1 and 2  
  3. Combination of stipends, teaching fellowships, and research assistantships during years 3 and 4 
  4. Stipend or research support for year 5 
  5. $2,500 for professional development 

Application Deadlines for Masters and PhD.

The application for both Master’s and PhD program opens in September. However, the admission deadlines differ for different area of study. The most common application deadlines are December 1, December 15, or January 2. Check with the department of your field of study for specific deadlines for your field of study. 

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